Spa on Wheels

Thursday, June 26, 2008

OMD you pups I had the most pawsome adventure yesterday...I went to the spa and it had wheels! Well actually the spa came to my house...but it had wheels! It was so excitering and I am so bootiful now after my treatments!!!

See how happy I am???

My new friend and stylist, Miss Rachael was just the bestest. I think I liked her so much because she told me she also has a BT boy named Cody...she showed me a picture of him and he is really cute (not to worry Mack, you're the only BT boy for me!). So Miss Rachael knew exactly how to cater to my specialness aka give me snackies and lots of belly rubs!

Lets see...I got furminated which I have to say scared me at first, but really it felt great! It actually feels like I lost at least a pound from getting rid of all that extra fur! Than I had an aromatherapy steam bath and she squeezed my butt (I didn't mind, she was gentle), got my ears cleaned and teethies brushed. Oh and of course a pawticure. I just feel like a new girlpup relaxed, so rejuvenated, so soft, so shiny, so um, bootiful!!!!

My silly Mom kept telling Miss Rachael these stories of how I don't like baths and am squirmy when someone holds me too long but I was just the most pawfect of clients. What Mom doesn't realize is that I only do that to HER when she tries to groom me...time with Mom is for playing and napping NOT pawsonal hygiene! I just loved Miss Rachel and can't wait until she comes back!!! I sure hope she comes back...I hope this wasn't a one time deal!



27 Responses to "Spa on Wheels"

WinstonBerry said... 6:50 AM

Hi Ruby!
That spa-on-wheels sounds super cool! Not to mention super relaxing!
Ruby, you look beee-yooo-teee-ful! :)

Winnie :)

Ferndoggle said... 7:23 AM

Look how shiny you are!! Miss Rachel sounds like a great lady...


Mack said... 7:25 AM

Ruby -
OMD - You are one gorgeous BT!!
(of course!)

Sounds like you had a great spa treatment.

And I am like that too-if someone holds me for too long I will really start to squirm - We're so much alike.
Woof you beautiful lady!

Duke & Gidget said... 7:55 AM

Hi Ruby! We've missed you lots and lots! Thanks for asking about Gidget. Her knee seems to be much better, and it hasn't bothered her for months. With all that she has been through lately, the last thing she needs is another surgery. So we're gonna just keep that on the backburner and hope she keeps getting better.

Wow, that spa treatment you got looks awesome! You are one lucky pup! We're still not real sure about the furminater though. That thing scares us!

Pug Hugs
~Duke & Gidget~

Cosmo & Cachou said... 8:48 AM

Hi Ruby,

You're so beautiful!

We are very jealous of your shiny coat!

Sunny licks,

Cosmo and Cachou

Pumpkin said... 9:48 AM

You look gorgeous dahling!

air kisses,

Moco said... 9:59 AM

A traveling groomer. How great is that. You look wonderful and if we had smell-o-puter we know you would smell great also.

Clover said... 12:10 PM

Hi Ruby,
You look great!! Sounds like you were a very good girl and totally deserved all those snackies and belly rubs! Can I come over next time Miss Rachel comes? Mom thinks I need to visit the spa and get furminated too.
Love Clover xo

Petra said... 12:48 PM

Ruby! I can't believe that you LIKED all of that stuff happening to you. Miss Rachael must be one kind of special spa lady if you want her to come back.

I thought she might paint your nails. Are you saving that for next time?

Asta said... 12:55 PM

I can tell you had a gweat spa look wavishing!!! I'm suwe Mack and stanny awe swooning..and I bet you smell delish..I hope MissRachel comes wegoolawly fow you desewve spa tweatments...
mommi says she twied to see peawl , but she's too neawsighted
smoochie kisses

Gus said... 1:37 PM

Ruby you are always a lovely pup-girl, she just enhanced your natural beauty


Lady Kaos said... 2:03 PM

Wow, my mom would love to have Sasha's groomer come to us. Mom has to drive 45 mintues one way to take Sasha to the groomer.

e said... 3:02 PM

Hey Ruby
Thanks for stopping by after so long.
Yeaaaah I know what you mean. Spas are awesome!
Mum might treat herself and me to one too...

You probably smell great.
Do you sleep with your mama?

Fei and E

Lorenza said... 7:25 PM

Hi, Ruby!
That spa treatment sounds awesome!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Kisses and hugs

Goofy said... 8:02 PM

wow.. look how shiny is your body! and hey look how bootiful you are!!


Ike said... 9:18 PM

You are sooooo fancy pants!

Noah the Airedale said... 4:31 AM

You look beautiful Ruby. The spa treatment sounds great.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah xx

wally said... 7:50 AM

You look great! She's a lady! Whoawhoawhoa She's a lady!


Aggie said... 10:23 AM


You look great!!! A spa on wheels! I want one. Can you please send Miss Rachel to my house?

Sloppy Licks


Peanut said... 5:09 PM

what's with you girls and liking all that spa stuff?

Joe Stains said... 7:23 PM

You really DO look great! I am glad you didn't mind the groomer, I think it would make me grumpy!

Charlie Daniels said... 10:33 PM

I think she will be back ... I mean how could she stay away from you! :-)



Maggie & Mitch said... 8:22 AM

It sounds like a totally relaxing girlie day, Ruby! You look just beautiful! Miss Rachael sounds like a doGsend!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bogart said... 12:48 PM

Ah Ruby you look TOTALLY relaxed and lovely... spa day sounds FANTASTIC!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said... 9:06 PM

You look great and happy too.

Boy n Baby

Nanette said... 9:46 AM

You look beautiful, Ruby. Now Stella wants to visit a spaw.

Mango said... 7:54 AM

You are glowing after your day of beauty. I'm the same way. I am a good doggie at the spa, but can be a bit grouchy with momma (especially when she goes after my butt).