Monday, September 17, 2007

Tags! I love tags and in the last week I've been tagged by Maggie Rose and the AO4! Woot!

So Maggie Rose tagged me to list 5 nicknames I have for my Mom. I'm really liking this post because it is a revenge of sorts for the post on my nicknames. I've been thinking real hard about what they are...I know she has a few from when she was a pup and from her friends too, but she wouldn't share them with me...I wonder why??? Maybe I'll have to ask my Nanny when she comes to visit me next month (yes, I'm finally getting to meet my Nanny for the first time next month - I'm so excited!!!).

Anyhowl here we go...

1 - Lady with the Light
So rumor has it, this is what my Auntie Joey and my Mom called my Nanny when my Cuzin Danny was born because my Nanny kept running around with the silly camera all the time flashing it to take pictures. My Mom does EXACTLY the same thing. So annoying!

2 - Mean Mommy
This is for anytime she leaves me, doesn't give me snackies, doesn't let me wander on my walkies or just in general when I am mad.

3 - Woman
OK, I also use this when I'm kinda mad at my Mom, like 'Listen Woman', etc. But lets face it, she is a woman and it does get her attention.

4 - P3U
This stands for my Personal Pooper Picker Upper! Hee, hee, hee!!! I think that is pretty self-explanatory, right?

5 - The Mom
Well, that IS what she is!!!

BONUS NICKNAME!!! And for my Auntie Yvette...Footie Masseuse
That's because she gives me such great footie massages. oooohhhhhh aaaahhhhh...they are just the best.

So that's it for the nicknames. I really am going to try and get her other nicknames at some point and totally embarrass her by posting...hee, hee, hee!!!

OK on to the next tag. The AO4 tag is to name what kind of vehicle we think we are. You have to think of what type of vehicle your personality most resembles. This is fun, right?

So I'm little. I'm cute. I'm sporty and most important...I AM FAST. Introducing Ruby...if I were a car...it's a Mini-Me!!!

Top Speed: 139mph - 0 to 60mph in 6.7 seconds
Woot - That is soooooo me!!!

OK pups...I'm going to tag my BFF Suki, Lorenza, Randi, Sparky, Joe & Tanner and my Stanley for BOTH tags!!! Have fun!!!

Oh, and my prize came from Ike's 'Meet Joe Stains' song contest! I'll post about that tomorrow!!!


18 Responses to "Tags!!!"

Randi said... 9:39 PM

Oh wow!~ Thanks Ruby! I'm gonna have to sleep on all this tonight! I think you look just like a mini cooper! Cute & fast!
Oh - of course you can be in the Labramixers...its open to all! I think the only criteria is that you must have a tail & like to sniff butts... =)
Love & Licks,

Joe Stains said... 10:19 PM

ooh thanks for the tag, we say mean mommy too, but we wont use that one since you already did!!

Huskee Boy said... 10:58 PM

Hi Ruby,
I like the car-version of you!! Fast AND cute!!

Stanley said... 12:28 AM

Ruby Bug!!

I love the nicknames for your mama! I've never tried "WOMAN!" before. Not sure how my girl would take that.

That Mini Cooper is very YOU!! I always think of you zipping around everywhere you go, even in your house. Like, when you get up in the morning, you zoomity zip over to the door (just a flash), zip out into the yard & barely pause to whiz, then zip back into the house. I guess my imagination is of you as a blur all over your house, except when you stop to sleep, eat, get belly rubs, etc.

Goober love & kisses,
Stanny Boy

Pee Ess
I will have to think on this, but I'M ON IT!

Simba said... 1:10 AM

I love the nicknames you have for you mum.

Simba xx

Girl Girl Hamster said... 2:11 AM

Hee. those are funny nicknames you came up for your mom. That mini -you car is soo cool and cute

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said... 2:41 AM

That car is definitely YOU, Ruby!
I love the nicknames you have for your mom! Does she come when you call her any of them? hehehe

Love ya lots,

nanny said... 4:37 AM

Good Morning Ruby

When I get to California I will tell you the nicknames we called your Mom when she was a pup. If we publish them she will never talk to me again and she might even not let me come for a visit. Maybe if Auntie Joey writes them I will stay out of hot water.

I'll decide on your choice of cars next month to see if the mini is really you.

Love hugs & belly rubs


ronin the pug said... 5:35 AM

Hi Ruby!!!! hahahahaha! i loved this post! the P3U is hilaroius!!!! hahahahahahaha!
Kisses and hugs just for you Ruby!!!

Katherine and Pippa, said... 5:36 AM

Great car Ruby. I think you would beat me off at the traffic lights, as all my choices were big and slowish (apart from a cute littlee-type jag)


Amber-Mae said... 6:45 AM

My mommy's mean too! I think everydoggie's mommy are mean sometimes...They have got to be once in a while right? Even daddies too...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sparky said... 12:06 PM

Thanks for tagging me Ruby! I enjoyed reading your mommy's nicknames! Now I gotta think about what kind of car I am...


The Army of Four said... 2:38 PM

Ooooh, a Mini! How perfect! That's a great choice, Ruby!

Luckie Girl said... 6:19 PM

hehe..Love those nicknames for your Mom. :)

Suki Sumo said... 7:20 PM

You have great nicknames for your mommy! And I super duper love your car. Compact and economical, just like a flat-nosed pup!

Joe Stains said... 8:41 PM

we are going to do this tag tomorrow, promise!

Suki said... 3:42 AM

That car is SO you! I'm gonna have to think long and hard about this one. It needs to be something small, too, but something kind of fat. Are cars fat? lol!

Thanks, Ruby, I'll post about it today ;)

Puggy kisses

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said... 4:17 PM

We enjoyed reading your mommy nicknames, particularly the P3U. BOL.