Sleep Sunday #34

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Well, Mom let's me take the cone off when I'm in the house, but not when I'm outside and since I wanted to lay by my pool, I had to put the darn thing back on! Oh least she let me sleep outside for a was so nice and warm. I sure hope I get this thing off walkies are a bit embarrassing!

Hope your pawrents are relaxing this weekend and that you pups are enjoying having them home for the 3-day weekend!


10 Responses to "Sleep Sunday #34"

Gus said... 8:05 AM

Ruby! Muzzer has been gone, we are glad your surgery went OK, and hope you feel much betterrerr soon.

Teka Toy Dagger

Mack said... 9:52 AM

Well that's a good start my sweet! Pretty soon that mean old cone will be gone forever! Are your beautiful browns healing nicely? I sure hope so!!

Petey said... 2:09 PM

You know, if you lined your cone with tinfoil, it would look alot like those reflectors our Mommys' used as teenagers to get better suntans! Better put on some sunblock.

Did you see me with your wonderful present on my blog? I love playing tug with the four tennis ball toy! You were too too kind!

Your pal,

Petey (And Mica says hello too!)

Lorenza said... 2:56 PM

Hi, Ruby!
Glad to know you don't have to wear the cone all day!
Happy sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Mango said... 3:18 PM

Aw, Ruby, she makes you wear it on walkies? Shame.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said... 12:03 PM

och Ruby, cones are the work of the devil, but hey, they make you better.

sorry I am late commenting, I am up for trial for a heinous crime at The Old Bailey......will you support me with a character reference?

Maggie and Mitch said... 3:19 PM

What a bummer you have to wear the evil lampshade on your walkies, Ruby! We sure hope the darn thing can come off soon!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

wally said... 3:48 PM

Ruby, I am so far behind in reading blogs I didn't know you were getting supercybernetic surgery to get your eyeball frozen! (It is really to give you superdog powers, isn't it, and with your new bionic eye you will be able to see through walls (and, importantly, refrigerator doors).

I am sorry you have to wear the silly collar but I hope you heal quickly and be back to your superbionic self.

wally t.

Moco said... 6:51 PM

Don't let that thing melt on your head.

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said... 11:27 AM

We've been mia so long we didn't know! GEEEZ, hope your eyeballs are ok and that cone leaves soon. They are pure evil!!