My work just never ends...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pups...I tell you...there is no stopping me working on Tuesdays!

My Mom has asked me very nicely to help her out by posted something for her (she may have also mentioned something about me getting some ice cream for doing it too)! See a friend of hers from work needs some help...a member of their family is up for this really big prize on the TLC website - W00T! They need lots of votes to win. They sound like a very cool family...and have 6 very adorable girl people pups! If you pups can vote for them, that would be very very cool. And I promise to virtually share my ice cream with's the link. You want to make sure and vote for the Voiles Family. Voting is open till May 18th and you can vote once per day - W00t! Thanks pups!!!



5 Responses to "My work just never ends..."

Lorenza said... 6:20 PM

Kisses and hugs

Lacy said... 7:00 PM

w00fs, me did it...

b safe,

Mack said... 3:25 AM

We voted!

You've been working so hard, I think you need a long nappers my love...

Petra said... 8:40 AM

I voted! Good luck to the Voiles family; I hope they win!

demian said... 1:23 PM

We are the family the Voiles and want to thank you puppy pals for voting for us! You are the best pups around and we hope you enjoy your ice cream!! If you have time to vote again today we would appreciate it- we are down in votes today! Yikes! Thanks again!!